Vision and Life

We find out what's causing the problem and the patient learns how to correct the deficiencies.

Vision and Learning 

  • Poor focusing causes blur and fatigue. 
  • Spilling liquids
  • Tripping or falling often-several times a week
  • Bumping into objects
  • Poor muscle balance causes constant or intermittent double vision and eye strain.
  • Poor tracking causes loss of place and poor comprehension when reading.
  • Poor visual discrimination of size, form, direction, color, and space causes confusion and failure to learn.
  • Poor Visual memory- long and short term-interrupts information processing required in reading, learning and all around performance.
  • Poor Visual motor skills - the eye programming body movement- causes clumsiness, lack of coordination and spatial disorganization. Failure to function in this area at a developmentally age appropriate level will affect all areas of development. Many patients who are in Occupational Therapy find that Vision Therapy allows significant breakthroughs in their progress.

Vision on the Job

  • Good Visual function in the Computer Age
  • Focusing flexibility 
  • Muscle balance
  • Speed of fixation

Vision Therapy can result in:

  • Fewer errors
  • Less fatigue
  • Higher productivity 
  • Reducing the progression of myopia (nearsightedness)

Vision and Sports

  • Dynamic Acuity
  • Peripheral Awareness
  • Figure - Ground perception 
  • Tracking
  • Visual motor skills    

Vision Therapy can improve:

  • Hitting, throwing, catching, spatial awareness and rapid response to action on the field

Click Here to see what the former Harvard Chief of Ophthalmology , Firmon E Hardenbergh, has said regarding Vision Therapy

Click Here to see what Michele, who is from the Vision Therapy Parents Unite Facebook Group, has said regarding how Vision Therapy can answer questions that a normal ophthalmology visit might not.

If you are interested in what other parents have to say about Vision Therapy, Click Here to Join the Vision Therapy Parents Unite Facebook Group. 

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