Myopia Control Soft Contact Lenses

Myopia (nearsightedness) is a condition that is most associated with blurred vision at distance. Increasing amounts of myopia do not only cause difficulty seeing. Myopia is also associated with an increase in sight threatening eye diseases such as myopic macular degeneration, cataract, glaucoma, retinal holes and tears, and retinal detachments. Your doctor has recommended that you consider an intervention to help limit the progression of your child’s increasing myopia.

The use of specially designed multifocal contact lenses has been shown in numerous studies to significantly limit the progression of myopia when compared to traditional single vision contact lenses or glasses. The effectiveness of these multifocal therapeutic contact lenses have been reported to reduce the rate of myopic progression on average by 35% to 50% depending on studies cited. Individuals vary in their response to treatment with some having 100% reduction in progression.

The theory of why they reduce the progression of nearsightedness is based on a broadly accepted theory of nearsightedness development which is called “peripheral hyperopic defocus”. By focusing light in front of the peripheral retina, these lenses inhibit elongation growth of the eye which results in progressive nearsightedness.

Dr. Marran at Yorba Linda Optometry and Beyond will tailor a plan along with you and your child to find the appropriate design and parameters of myopic stabilization multifocal soft contact lenses that will have the highest probability of controlling the progression of your child’s myopia. These lenses should be worn daily for maximum effectiveness unless there are complications. Dr Marran will discuss with you the specific wearing schedule. These contact lenses in addition to controlling myopic progression will correct your child’s vision at all distances, will be comfortable to wear for the full wearing schedule, and will be as healthy to wear as traditional contact lenses.

Myopia stabilization multifocal contact lens therapy fees will include specialized testing to determine your child’s risk factors, a diagnostic contact lens evaluation, determination of the most appropriate design and parameters of lens to be used, and training on insertion and removal of the contact lenses.

Following year one, an annual comprehensive eye health examination and myopia stabilization multifocal contact lens diagnostic evaluation is required to ensure ongoing optimal visual health and the stability of the therapeutic effect. 

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