Visual Information Processing


This evaluation will involve a standardized battery of tests to determine an accurate diagnosis and effective therapeutic strategies for you or your child who may have vision processing and/or motor integration issues. Below is a complete list of the tests.

Included in the evaluation are the following services:

Two to three separate testing sessions, approximately 45 minutes each. The purpose of this testing is to determine how the visual system processes information, how vision integrates with the other sense modalities, and to determine whether vision is supporting or interfering with your child’s ability to learn.  Some of the areas that will be evaluated include:

Visual Information Processing

  • Visual Discrimination: The ability to visually discriminate similarities and differences.
  • Visual Memory: The ability to remember the characteristics of a given form after a brief presentation.
  • Visual Spatial Relationships: The ability to see differences among forms when all or a part of a form has a different spatial orientation.
  • Visual Form Constancy: The ability to see the essential elements of a form, and identify them within other forms that may be smaller, larger, rotated, reversed or hidden within other designs.
  • Visual Sequential Memory: The ability to remember for immediate recall a series of forms in their specific order of presentation.
  • Visual Figure Ground: The ability to perceive a form, and to locate it when embedded within other forms.
  • Visual Directionality: The ability to correctly determine spatial directional properties of individuals, objects, and language symbols.
  • Visual Closure: The ability to visualize the complete whole when given incomplete information or a partial picture.

Visual Motor Processing

Visual Motor Integration: The ability to take in, analyze, and reproduce visual information using paper and pencil.

  • Wold Sentence Copy Test
  • Visual Motor IntegrationTest

Laterality/Dyslexia Testing

  • Angels in the Snow
  • Piaget Right Left Test
  • Gardner Execution Test
  • Jordan Left-Right Reversal Test

Visual Analysis/Spatial Awareness

  • SASP Test

Auditory Visual Integration

  • Test of Auditory Analysis Skills

Digital Span/Working Memory

  • Digital Span Forward Digital Span Backwards

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